Design and Analysis Titles

IEEE 2017-2018 Civil titles download

Code Titles IEEE/Year Abstract
RECD-1 Design of pedestrian subway at a busy metro traffic junction 2017 Download
RECD-2 Design and erection of a composite plate girder bridge 2017 Download
RECD-3 Design of waste water treatment plant 2017 Download
RECD-4 Design of a rotary intersection at t-nagar junction 2017 Download
RECD-5 Design of primary school building 2017 Download
RECD-6 Design and analysis of auditorium building 2017 Download
RECD-7 Design and analysis of steel bridge 2017 Download
RECD-8 Design and earthquake analysis of multistoried residential building 2017 Download
RECD-9 Seismic and Stability Analysis of Gravity Dams 2017 Download
RECD-10 Design and Analysis of industrial steel truss building 2017 Download
RECD-11 Earthquake vibration control using modified frame-shear wall 2017 Download
RECD-12 Reservoir induced seismicity 2017 Download
RECD-13 Design of Pre-Stressed concrete girder bridge 2017 Download
RECD-14 Design of T-Beam Girder Bridge with isolated footing 2017 Download
RECD-15 Design and analysis of Building subjected to Seismic force 2017 Download
RECD-16 Design and analysis of elevated service reservoir 2017 Download
RECD-17 Design of retaining walls 2017 Download
RECD-18 Design of shear wall building 2017 Download
RECD-19 Design and analysis of warehouse by using STAAD Pro 2017 Download
RECD-20 Design and analysis of cable-stayed bridge 2017 Download
RECD-21 Design and analysis of dome structure 2017 Download
RECD-22 Planning and design of net zero energy residential building 2017 Download
RECD-23 Design and analysis of Overhead water tank 2017 Download
RECD-24 Design and analysis of Isolated and Combined footings 2017 Download
RECD-25 Design and analysis of railway bridge 2017 Download
RECD-26 Design and analysis of Building subjected to Wind force 2017 Download
RECD-27 Design and analysis of factory building 2017 Download
RECD-28 Design of underground flood system 2017 Download
RECD-29 Design of tunnel formwork in construction 2017 Download
RECD-30 Design and analysis of terminal building 2017 Download
RECD-31 Analysis of telecommunication tower with different bracing system 2017 Download
RECD-32 Analysis of telecommunication tower with different bracing system 2017 Download
RECD-33 Planning designing and analysis of a hospital 2017 Download
RECD-34 Planning designing and analysis of a hospital 2017 Download
RECD-35 Planning designing and analysis of a shopping mall 2017 Download
RECD-36 Design and analysis of banking building 2017 Download
RECD-37 Design and analysis of arch bridge 2017 Download
RECD-38 Wind-induced Vibrations of Long-Span Bridges 2017 Download
RECD-39 Design and analysis Multistoried car parking 2017 Download
RECD-40 Design and development of shake table 2017 Download
RECD-41 Design and analysis of C frame with and without stiffener 2017 Download
RECD-42 Structural behavior of brick masonry with micro and macro structure 2017 Download
RECD-43 Investigation of FRP Hollow Column Infill Concrete with Supported Steel Studs 2017 Download
RECD-44 Structural analysis of shallow bunkers with and without stiffeners 2017 Download
RECD-45 Design and structural study of two-way bridge 2017 Download
RECD-46 Design and analysis of cold formed steel composite infill column 2017 Download
RECD-47 FE Analysis of lateral buckling 2017 Download
RECD-48 Behavior & design of light gauge cold framed steel flexural member (comparison of channel & build up channel section) 2017 Download
RECD-49 Performance evaluation of water surrounded composite structure 2017 Download
RECD-50 Analysis of reinforced concrete building with different arrangement of concrete and steel bracing system 2017 Download
RECD-51 Strengthening of Opening R.C. Beams in Shear Using Bonded External Reinforcements 2016 Download
RECD-52 Finite element analysis of RC beams strengthened with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) fabrics 2017 Download
RECD-53 Study of torsional behaviour of rectangular reinforced concrete beams wrapped with GFRP 2017 Download
RECD-54 Comparitive study of strengh of RC shear wall building at different zones and with & without infill panel 2017 Download
RECD-55 Comparison of cold form steel channel and i sections providing angle stiffener 2017 Download
RECD-56 Analysis of wind pressure on tall building 2017 Download
RECD-57 Muilti storey building using mivan technique 2017 Download
RECD-58 Study of base isolation using friction pendulum bearing system 2017 Download
RECD-59 Behavior of the different type of the slabs with different type of boundary conditions 2017 Download
RECD-60 Seismic analysis of RC building with and without infill wall 2017 Download