Big Data Titles

IEEE 2019-2020 CSE project titles download


Code Titles IEEE/Year Abstract
REBD-01 Visualization of Big Spatial Data using Coresets for Kernel Density Estimates 2019-20 Download
REBD-02 P-MOD Secure Privilege-Based Multilevel Organizational Data- Sharing in Cloud Computing 2019-20 Download
REBD-03 T-PCCE Twitter Personality based Communicative Communities Extraction System for Big Data 2019-20 Download
REBD-04 A time series mining approach for agricultural area detection 2019-20 Download
REBD-05 ResearchonFeasibilityPathofTechnologySupervisionandTechnology Protection inBigDataEnvironment 2019-20 Download
REBD-06 Sliding Time Window Electricity Consumption Optimization Algorithm for Communities in the Context of Big Data Processing 2019-20 Download
REBD-07 Determining the Intervening Effects of Exploratory Data Analysis and Feature Engineering in Telecoms Customer Churn Modelling 2019-20 Download
REBD-08 A Scalable Multi-Data Sources based Recursive Approximation Approach for Fast Error Recovery in Big Sensing Data on Cloud 2019-20 Download
REBD-09 An Artificial Intelligence Driven Multi-Feature Extraction Scheme for Big Data Detection 2019-20 Download
REBD-10 BigData Analytics for Health care Industry Impact,Applications,andTools 2019-20 Download