Data Mining Titles

IEEE 2017-2018 CSE project titles download


Code Titles IEEE/Year Abstract
REDN-21 Effect of Temperature and Rainfall on Paddy Yield Using Data Mining 2017 Download
REDN-22 Social Media Opinion Analysis for Indian political Diplomats 2017 Download
REDN-23 Density based Clustering over Location Based Services 2017 Download
REDN-24 A Sentiment Analysis System to Improve Teaching and Learning 2017 Download
REDN-25 Internet-Based Performance Support Systems in Engineering Education 2017 Download
REDN-26 Social Behavioral Information Fusion in Multimodal Biometrics 2017 Download
REDN-27 A System for Profiling and Monitoring Database Access Patterns by Application Programs for Anomaly Detection 2017 Download
REDN-28 Energy-efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines 2017 Download
REDN-29 Learn to Play Maximum Revenue Auction 2017 Download
REDN-30 User Preference Profiling Based on User Behavior on Facebook page Categories 2017 Download
REDN-31 Risk Assessment in Social Networks based on User Anomalous Behaviors 2017 Download
REDN-32 Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Association Rule Mining on Vertically Partitioned Databases 2017 Download
REDN-33 Practical Privacy-Preserving MapReduce Based K-means Clustering over Large-scale Dataset 2017 Download
REDN-34 Facial Expression Recognition Based on Deep Evolutional Spatial-Temporal Networks 2017 Download
REDN-35 Feature based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation 2017 Download


REJAVA-16 Design and Implementation of an RFID-Based Customer Shopping Behavior Mining System 2017 Download
REJAVA-17 Efficient Keyword-aware Representative Travel Route Recommendation 2017 Download
REJAVA-18 Event Detection and User Interest Discovering in Social Media Data Streams 2017 Download
REJAVA-19 Mining Competitors from Large Unstructured Datasets 2017 Download
REJAVA-20 Storing, Tracking, and Querying Provenance in Linked Data 2017 Download
REJAVA-21 Supervised and Unsupervised Aspect Category Detection for Sentiment Analysis with Co- Occurrence Data 2017 Download
REJAVA-22 Mining Online Discussion Data for Understanding Teacher's Reflective Thinking 2017 Download
REJAVA-23 Systematic Review on Educational Data Mining 2017 Download
REJAVA-24 User Vitality Ranking and Prediction in Social Networking Services- A Dynamic Network Perspective 2017 Download
REJAVA-25 Understand Short Texts by Harvesting and Analyzing Semantic Knowledge 2017 Download
REJAVA-26 Towards Real-Time, Country-Level Location Classification of Worldwide Tweets 2017 Download
REJAVA-27 SociRank- Identifying and Ranking Prevalent News Topics Using Social Media Factors 2017 Download
REJAVA-28 Personal Web Revisitation by Context and Content Keywords with Relevance Feedback 2017 Download
REJAVA-29 Mining Competitors from Large Unstructured Datasets 2017 Download
REJAVA-30 Efficient Clue-Based Route Search on Road Networks 2017 Download
REJAVA-31 Detecting Stress Based on Social Interactions in Social Networks 2017 Download
REJAVA-32 Collaborative Filtering-Based Recommendation of Online Social Voting 2017 Download
REJAVA-33 Scalable Iterative Classification for Sanitizing Large-Scale Datasets 2017 Download