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IEEE 2017-2018 ECE project titles download

Code Titles IEEE/Year Abstract
REEMB1 Gesture based human computer Interface using microsoft Kinect detection 2017 Download
REEMB2 Design and development of controlling robotic module using leap motion sensor 2017 Download
REEMB3 Intelligent transport system using brain computer interface 2017 Download
REEMB4 Biometric recognition using EEG signals from brain 2017 Download
REEMB5 Design and development of home automation people using leap motion sensor 2017 Download
REEMB6 RSSI based zigbee independent monitoring system in prison for prisoners 2017 Download
REEMB7 An Industrial Robotics Application with Cloud Computing and High-Speed Networking 2017 Download
REEMB8 Vehicle to vehicle communication using li-fi technology 2017 Download
REEMB9 Integrating fibre Fabry -Perot cavity sensor in to 3D printed metal components for extreme high temperature monitoring applications 2017 Download
REEMB10 Tracking system for the marketing representatives using IBEACON 2017 Download
REEMB11 Microcontroller based Digital Meter with Alert System using GSM 2017 Download
REEMB12 Smart assistant for blind peoples using raspberry pi 2017 Download
REEMB13 Finger vein extraction and authentication system for ATM 2017 Download
REEMB14 Real-time intruder surveillance using low-cost Remote wireless sensors 2017 Download
REEMB15 Wireless sensor system for body area climate and air quality monitoring 2017 Download
REEMB16 Environment monitoring system for an smart agriculture application based on wireless sensor network 2017 Download
REEMB17 Remote health monitoring outcome success Prediction using baseline and first month Intervention data 2017 Download
REEMB18 Structural event monitoring using zigbee based wireless sensor network 2017 Download
REEMB19 Wearable mobile-based emotional Response-monitoring system for drivers 2017 Download
REEMB20 NFC based secure mobile healthcare system 2017 Download
REEMB21 Automatic smart solar radiation tracker 2017 Download
REEMB22 System of wireless energy-independent temperature and strain sensors for aircraft control and monitoring systems 2017 Download
REEMB23 Arduino and wireless sensor based secure mobile healthcare system 2017 Download
REEMB24 Energy tracking system in a multifamily residential house 2017 Download
REEMB25 A wireless health monitoring system using Mobile phone accessories 2017 Download
REEMB26 An air-ground wireless sensor network for crop monitoring 2017 Download
REEMB27 Automatic system for monitoring of strategic infrastructure using wireless sensors 2017 Download
REEMB28 Wireless medical data monitoring using raspberry pi 2017 Download
REEMB29 Health care monitoring system in internet of things (lot) by using RFID 2017 Download
REEMB30 Smart mobile system for pregnancy care using body sensors 2017 Download
REEMB31 Smart vehicle security system for defending against collabrative attacks by malware 2017 Download
REEMB32 Automated irrigation system using a wireless sensor network for social modernization of Indian agricultural system 2017 Download
REEMB33 Water management system using dynamic IP based embedded webserver in real time 2017 Download
REEMB34 Plant diseases identification through image processing and overcoming through embedded system 2017 Download
REEMB35 Design and implementation of a distributed Iot system for the monitoring of water quality in aquaculture 2017 Download
REEMB36 IOT based controlling the electrical devices at home 2017 Download
REEMB37 Intuitive control on electric devices by smartphones for smart home environments 2017 Download
REEMB38 Using raspberry pi device industrial monitoring and control 2017 Download
REEMB39 Design and implementation of optimized parameter monitoring system for modern industrial system through IOT 2017 Download
REEMB40 IOT equipped smart building monitoring 2017 Download
REEMB41 Mine safety system using wireless sensor networks 2017 Download
REEMB42 Using raspberry pi device industrial monitoring and control 2017 Download
REEMB43 Smart energy tracking system for domestic consumers 2017 Download
REEMB44 Auto calibrated head orientation controller for robotic-wheelchair using mems sensors and embedded technologies 2017 Download
REEMB45 Energy efficient intelligent street lighting system using traffic-adaptive control 2017 Download
REEMB46 Safety transport system for school children using RFID technology 2017 Download
REEMB47 Wearable Mobile-Based Emotional Response-Monitoring System for Drivers 2017 Download
REEMB48 Energy efficient outdoor light monitoring and control architecture using embedded system 2017 Download
REEMB49 Using raspberry pi device industry IOT monitoring system 2017 Download
REEMB50 Smart fire controlling system based on Wi-Fi network 2017 Download
REEMB51 Design and implementation of optimized power sharing during peak hours using embedded system 2017 Download
REEMB52 Speed tracking based energy-efficient freight train control through multi-algorithms combination 2017 Download
REEMB53 RFID tag for railway application based on narrow –band absorbers 2017 Download
REEMB54 High-adhesion-point tracking based on a disturbance observer in railway vehicles 2017 Download
REEMB55 Detector of electrical discontinuity of rails in double –track railway lines: electronics system and measurement methodology 2017 Download
REEMB56 Deep multitask learning for railway track inspection 2017 Download
REEMB57 A survey of GNSS-based research and developments for the European railway signaling 2017 Download
REEMB58 Measuring rout diversity for Urben rail transit networks: a case study of the beijing metro network 2017 Download
REEMB59 Energy management improvement of hybrid electric vehicles via combined GPS/rule Based methodology 2017 Download
REEMB60 Obstacle avoidance robot 2017 Download
REEMB61 An IOT-based system for collision detection on rail track inspection 2017 Download
REEMB62 Detector of electrical discontinuity of rails in Double-track railway lines: electronic System and measurement methodology 2017 Download
REEMB63 Automatic railways e-ticketing system for transportation systems 2017 Download
REEMB64 Applying combinatorial testing to high-speed railway track circuit receiver 2017 Download
REEMB65 An IOT-based health care system for Elderly people 2017 Download
REEMB66 Ultra –low power secure IOT platform for predicting cardiovascular diseases 2017 Download
REEMB67 Agricultural Crop Monitoring using IOT- A Study 2017 Download
REEMB68 Brain-computer interface and Arduino microcontroller family software interconnection solution 2017 Download
REEMB69 Abnormal Odor Detection in Electronic Nose via Self-Expression Inspired Extreme Learning Machine 2017 Download
REEMB70 Loss Identification in a Double Rotor Electrical Variable Transmission 2017 Download
REEMB71 Smart voting 2017 Download
REEMB72 Design and implementation of a home automation system for smart grid applications 2017 Download
REEMB73 Design of bus tracking and fuel monitoring system 2017 Download
REEMB74 A Thickness Measurement System for Metal Films Based on Eddy Current Method with Phase Detection 2017 Download
REEMB75 RFID-inspired wireless micro sensors for structural health monitoring 2017 Download
REEMB76 Detecting driver drowsiness based on single electroencephalography channel 2017 Download
REEMB77 IOT based smart garbage alert system using Arduino UNO 2017 Download
REEMB78 Wireless women safety wearable devices using raspberry pi 2017 Download
REEMB79 Real-time airport luggage tracking system based on RFID technology 2017 Download
REEMB80 Computer vision approach for speed limit assistant 2017 Download
REEMB81 Online prediction of driver distraction Based on brain activity patterns 2017 Download
REEMB82 On the permanence of EEG signals for biometric recognition 2017 Download
REEMB83 Automated sleep data extraction and streaming using zeo sleep personal manager and raspberry pi 2017 Download
REEMB84 Ultra low-power IOT nodes compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) smartphones and tablets 2017 Download
REEMB85 An id-free small data transmission protocol for dense IOT devices 2017 Download
REEMB86 IOT software infrastructure for energy management and simulation in smart cities 2017 Download
REEMB87 An approach for real-time stream reasoning for the internet of things 2017 Download
REEMB88 IOT base smart home appliances by using cloud intelligent tetris switch 2017 Download
REEMB89 Optimizing the detection performance of smart camera networks through a probabilistic image-based model 2017 Download
REEMB90 Feature-sharing in cascade detection systems with multiple applications 2017 Download
REEMB91 Location-aware speakers for the virtual reality environments 2017 Download
REEMB92 Semantic reasoning for context-aware internet of things applications 2017 Download
REEMB93 Internet of things: remote patient monitoring using web services and cloud computing 2017 Download
REEMB94 Conceptual view of low-cost sensory evaporimeter based on internet of things (lot) 2017 Download
REEMB95 On missing tag detection in multiple-group multiple-region RFID systems 2017 Download
REEMB96 Smart assistance for deaf and dumb using flex sensor 2017 Download
REEMB97 Smart, low power, wearable multi-sensor data acquisition system for environmental monitoring 2017 Download
REEMB98 A system for monitoring hand hygiene compliance based-on internet-of-things 2017 Download
REEMB99 Design and supervising system foe kitchen environment using Raspberry pi 2017 Download
REEMB100 Implementation and demonstration of cost-effective wireless monitoring module for PV system 2017 Download