Environmental Titles

IEEE 2017-2018 Civil titles download

Code Titles IEEE/Year Abstract
RECT-91 Water clarification using Moringa oleifera (drumstick seeds) 2017 Download
RECT 92 Strychnos potatorum by drinking water 2017 Download
RECT-93 Studies on treatment of surface water using natural coagulants 2017 Download
RECT-94 Water melon seed as a potential coagulant for water treatment 2017 Download
RECT-95 Application of Strychnos potatorum and orange peel as natural coagulants for purification of raw water 2017 Download
RECT-96 Disinfection of drinking water in rural area using natural herbs 2017 Download
RECT-97 Ground water assessment near dump yard-case study 2017 Download
RECT-98 Ground water assessment due to textile effluent-case study 2017 Download
RECT-99 Assessment of ground water quality sipcot region- cuddalure-case study 2017 Download
RECT-100 Assessment of aquifer properties to identify the recharge location-case study 2017 Download