Internet of Things Titles

IEEE 2017-2018 CSE project titles download


Code Titles IEEE/Year Abstract
REDN-43 Online Payment of Tolls and Tracking of Theft Vehicles Using number plate image 2017 Download
REDN-44 IoT-based Health Care System for Elderly People 2017 Download
REDN-45 Health Care Monitoring System in Internet of Things (loT) by Using RFID 2017 Download
REDN-46 Real-Time Patient Health Monitoring and Alarming 2017 Download
REDN-47 ATM Security Using Automatic USERS Body Recognition 2017 Download
REDN-48 Rfid Based Secure Mobile Health Care System 2017 Download
REDN-49 Full Verifiability for Outsourced Decryption in Attribute Based Encryption 2017 Download
REDN-50 Graph Encryption for Top-K Nearest Keyword Search Queries on Cloud 2017 Download
REDN-51 Trusting Cloud Service Providers: Trust Phases and a Taxonomy of Trust Factors 2017 Download


REJAVA-34 SPFM- Scalable and Privacy-Preserving Friend Matching in Mobile Cloud 2017 Download
REJAVA-35 Follow But No Track- Privacy Preserved Profile Publishing in Cyber-Physical Social Systems 2017 Download
REJAVA-36 An Efficient and Fine-Grained Big Data Access Control Scheme With Privacy-Preserving Policy 2017 Download