Networking Titles

IEEE 2017-2018 NS2 project titles download

Code Titles IEEE/Year Abstract
RENS-1 Improved clustering algorithm based on energy consumption in wireless sensor networks 2017 Download
RENS-2 Unbalanced Expander based Compressive Data Gathering in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-3 Reliable and Secure End-to-End Data Aggregation Using Secret Sharing in WSNs 2017 Download
RENS-4 An Improved Distributed Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Heterogeneous WSNs 2017 Download
RENS-5 Energy-Efficient Data Reporting for Navigation in Position-Free Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-6 A Mutual Evaluation Based Trust Management Method for Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-7 A Compressibility-Based Clustering Algorithm for Hierarchical Compressive Data Gathering 2017 Download
RENS-8 ELDC: An Artificial Neural Network based Energy-Efficient and Robust Routing Scheme for Pollution Monitoring in WSNs 2017 Download
RENS-9 Evolutionary Optimization applied to Wireless Smart Lighting in Energy-efficient Museums 2017 Download
RENS-10 A Distributed TDMA Scheduling Algorithm based on Energy-Topology Factor in Internet of Things 2017 Download
RENS-11 Anomaly detection and visual perception for landslide monitoring based on a heterogeneous sensor network 2017 Download
RENS-12 Low-Cost Wireless Monitoring and Decision Support for Water Saving in Agriculture 2017 Download
RENS-13 Distortion Minimization in Wireless Sensor Networks with Energy Harvesting 2017 Download
RENS-14 Power Allocation in an Asymmetric Wireless Sensor Network 2017 Download
RENS-15 A Cooperative SWIPT Scheme for Wirelessly Powered Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-16 An Ant Colony Optimization Approach for the Deployment of Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-17 Multi-Gradient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-18 Providing Guaranteed Protection in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks with Interference Constraints 2017 Download
RENS-19 ROSE: Robustness Strategy for Scale-Free Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-20 Connectivity Assessment of Random Directed Graphs with Application to Underwater Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-21 Report Success Probability/Battery Lifetime Analysis of Dense IEEE 802.15.4-Based Metering Networks with Hidden Nodes 2017 Download
RENS-22 An Effective Self Adaptive Multiple Source Localization Technique by Primal Dual Interior Point Method in Binary Sensor Networks 2017 Download
RENS-23 Efficient Packet Scheduling Technique for Data Merging in Wireless Sensor Networks 2017 Download