Power Electronics Titles

IEEE 2017-2018 EEE titles download

Project CODE Titles IEEE Year Abstract
REPE-1 Service Continuity of PV Synchronous Buck/Buck-Boost Converter with Energy Storage 2017 Download
REPE-2 Digital Sensorless Current Mode Control Based on Charge Balance Principle and Dual Current Error Compensation for DC–DC Converters in DCM 2017 Download
REPE-3 Simulation and Hardware Design of a Flyback Converter for Solar Energy Powered DC Loads 2017 Download
REPE-4 A Highly Reliable and Efficient Differential Type Buck-Boost DC-AC Converter 2017 Download
REPE-5 Highly Efficient Integrated Zeta- Flyback DC-DC Converter for High Gain Application with a Compact Structure 2017 Download
REPE-6 Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Simulation of Multi Device Interleaved Boost Converter (MDIBC) 2017 Download
REPE-7 High Gain and Efficient Integrated Flyback- SEPIC DC-DC Converter with Leakage Energy Recovery Mechanism 2017 Download
REPE-8 Investigation of a voltage-mode controller for a dc-dc multilevel boost converter 2017 Download
REPE-9 Optimal Dual-phase-shift Control Strategy of Isolated Buck-Boost Converter with Clamped Inductor 2017 Download
REPE-10 A Zeta-Buck-Boost Converter Combination for Single-Input Multiple-Output Applications 2017 Download
REPE-11 Microcontroller based DC-DC Cascade Buck-Boost Converter 2017 Download
REPE-12 Forward Fly-back Resonant Converter for High-Efficient Medium-Power Photovoltaic Applications 2017 Download
REPE-13 A Buck-Boost Converter Based Multi-Input DC-DC/AC Converter 2017 Download
REPE-14 A Buck-Boost Converter Based Multi-Input DC-DC/AC Converter 2017 Download
REPE-15 SEPIC Converter Fed BLDC drive with closed Loop Speed Control 2017 Download
REPE-16 Step Down Transformer Less Single Switch Integerated Buck and Buck-Boost Converter 2017 Download
REPE-17 Analysis and Design of Modified Half-Bridge Series Resonant Inverter with DC-Link Neutral Point Clamped Cell 2017 Download
REPE-18 An Improved PWM Strategy for Z-source Inverter with Maximum Boost Capability and Minimum Switching Frequency 2017 Download
REPE-19 Soft Switching SEPIC Boost Converter with High Voltage Gain 2017 Download
REPE-20 PV fed BLDC Motor using Zeta Converter with Minimized Torque Ripple for Water Pumping 2017 Download
REPE-21 Interleaved Luo Converter for The Residential PV Grid Connected Systems 2017 Download
REPE-22 Si-IGBT versus SiC-MOSFET – An Isolated Bidirectional Resonant LLC DC-DC Converter for Distributed Power Systems 2017 Download
REPE-23 A High Gain High-Efficiency Negative Output Fly back-Cuk Integrated DC-DC Converter 2017 Download
REPE-24 Current Control of the Versatile Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic Applications 2017 Download
REPE-25 PWM Half-Bridge Zeta Converter Utilizing Resonant Technique for Reduced Peak Current 2017 Download
REPE-26 Low Leakage Current Single-Phase PV Inverters with Universal Neutral-Point-Clamping Method 201 Download
REPE-27 Half Bridge LLC Resonant DC-DC Converter for Solar Array Simulator Application 2017 Download
REPE-28 A Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Composed of Four-Level Sub-Multilevel Cells 201 Download
REPE-29 An Improved Power Quality Induction Heater Using Zeta Converter 2017 Download
REPE-30 A Torque Ripple Suppression Circuit for Brushless DC Motors based on Power DC/DC Converters 2017 Download
REPE-31 Isolated SEPIC DC-DC converter with ripple-free input current and lossless snubber 2017 Download
REPE-32 Highly Reliable Transformer less Photovoltaic Inverters with Leakage Current and Pulsating Power Elimination 2017 Download
REPE-33 Edge Resonant DC - DC Boost Converter 2017 Download
REPE-34 ZVS Half-Bridge Zeta Converter with Center-Tapped Rectifier 2017 Download
REPE-35 Lossless Voltage Regulation and Control of the Resonant Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter 2017 Download
REPE-36 A Novel Bridgeless Buck PFC Converter with Half Dead Zones 2016 Download
REPE-37 A New Hybrid Multilevel Inverter Based on Coupled- Inductor and Cascaded H-bridge 2017 Download
REPE-38 A Novel and Reliable Modulation Strategy for Active Neutral-Point Clamped Five-Level Converter 2017 Download
REPE-39 A Space Vector PWM Scheme to Reduce Common Mode Voltage for a Cascaded Multilevel Inverter 2017 Download
REPE-40 A New Dual Output DC-DC Converter Based on SEPIC and Cuk converters 2017 Download
REPE-41 A High-Efficiency Bidirectional Non-Isolated Multi- Input Converter 2017 Download
REPE-42 An Isolated Snubberless Single-Switched Boost Converter for High Step-Up Conversion Applications 2017 Download
REPE-43 High Efficient Interleaved Boost Converter with Novel Switch Adaptive Control in PV systems 2017 Download
REPE-44 A High Step-Up Three-Port SEPIC & Zeta Converter for Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems 2017 Download
REPE-45 Closed loop Control of High Conversion Ratio Isolated Bidirectional Dc to Dc Converter 2017 Download
REPE-46 A Bidirectional Soft-Switching Series-Resonant Converter with Simple PWM Control and Load-Independent Voltage-Gain Characteristics for Energy Storage System in DC Microgrids 2017 Download
REPE-47 High Step - Up Interleaved ZVT Converter with Low Voltage Stress and Automatic Current Sharing 2017 Download
REPE-48 Implementation of a high-efficiency, high-lifetime, and low-cost converter for an autonomous photovoltaic system 2017 Download
REPE-49 Single Stage Solar PV Fed Brushless DC Motor Driven Water Pump 2017 Download
REPE-50 Analysis and Design of a Novel High-Step-Up DC/DC Converter with Coupled Inductors 2017 Download