Power System Titles

IEEE 2017-2018 EEE titles download

Project Code Titles IEEE Year Abstract
REPS-1 A Soft Switching Single-Phase Power Factor Correction AC-DC Boost Converter with Passive Snubber 2017 Download
REPS-2 Reduction of Harmonic using Single Phase Shunt Active Power Filter based on Instantaneous Power Theory for Cascaded Multilevel Inverter 2017 Download
REPS-3 A Grid-connected Battery Charger with Power Factor Correction 2017 Download
REPS-4 Performance Analysis of BLDC Motor Drive with Power Factor Correction Scheme 2017 Download
REPS-5 Third Harmonic Input Current Cancellation Strategy for Single-Phase Power Factor Correction with Non-Electrolytic Capacitors 2017 Download
REPS-6 Design of Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Support Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) to reduce the rating of Voltage Source Converter (VSC) applied to IEEE 11,33 &69 bus systems 2017 Download
REPS-7 A Control Architecture for Low Current Distortion in Bridgeless Boost Power Factor Correction Rectifiers 2017 Download
REPS-8 Analysis of Harmonic Reduction in Closed Loop Controlled Double Inductor Boost Converter Fed DC Motor with EMI Input Filter 2017 Download
REPS-9 A Hybrid Resonant Pulse-Width Modulation Bridgeless AC-DC Power Factor Correction Converter 2017 Download
REPS-10 Design and Evaluation of a kW-Class SMES-BES DVR System for Mitigation of Power Quality Disturbances 2017 Download
REPS-11 Exploration of Nonlinear Phenomena in Power Factor- Correction Boost Converter 2017 Download
REPS-12 Zeta converter fed BLDC motor for power factor correction and speed control 2017 Download
REPS-13 A 500 kHz, 3 kW power factor correction circuits with low loss auxiliary ZVT circuit 2017 Download
REPS-14 A dual mode control for Bridgeless SEPIC Power Factor Correction Rectifier 2017 Download
REPS-15 Analysis and Implementation of a Bridgeless SEPIC AC/DC Converter with Power Factor Correction and Extended Gain 2017 Download
REPS-16 Line Harmonics Reduction in High-Power Systems Using Square-Wave Inverters-Based Dominant Harmonic Active Filter 2017 Download
REPS-17 Power quality improvement using a novel D-STATCOM-control Scheme for Linear and non-linear loads 2017 Download
REPS-18 Power Quality Improvement in Standalone Battery Integrated Wind Energy System 2017 Download
REPS-19 Reducing Output Voltage THD of a Three-Phase Inverter with Non-linear Load Using Disturbance Observer 2017 Download
REPS-20 Fuzzy Control Based APF with DG Integration for Power Quality Improvement in Distribution System 2017 Download
REPS-21 A Novel Algorithm for Power Quality Improvement Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer with Fuzzy Logic 2017 Download
REPS-22 A Symmetrical Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Used as Shunt Active Power Filter for Ideal and Deteriorated Voltage Conditions 2017 Download
REPS-23 Improvement of Power Quality by Using Hybrid Fuzzy Controlled based IPQC at Various Load Conditions 2017 Download
REPS-24 Non-Linear Load Compensation using STATCOM 2017 Download
REPS-25 Power quality improvement in Transmission systems using facts Devices 2017 Download
REPS-26 A Static Var Compensator Controlled Topology for a Grid Connected Photovoltaic System 2017 Download
REPS-27 Five-level Cascaded Inverter Based Shunt Active Power Filter in Four-wire Distribution System 2017 Download
REPS-28 High Efficiency Bridgeless Power Factor Correction Buck Converter for High Frequency AC Systems 2017 Download
REPS-29 Adaptive Back stepping control of Three-phase Three-level Neutral Point Clamped Shunt Active Power Filter with LCL Output Filter 2017 Download
REPS-30 A Comparative Study on Different Control Techniques on Bridgeless Interleaved AC-DC Converter for Power Factor Correction 2017 Download
REPS-31 Application of fuzzy systems in the control of a shunt active power filter with four-leg topology 2017 Download
REPS-32 Power Factor Correction in a Brushless DC Motor Drive Using an Isolated-Luo Converter 2017 Download
REPS-33 Integrated Power Factor Correction and Voltage Fluctuation Mitigation of Microgrid Using STATCOM 2017 Download
REPS-34 Use of Smart Loads for Power Quality Improvement 2017 Download
REPS-35 A Single-Stage Single-Switch Soft-Switching Power-Factor-Correction LED Driver 2017 Download
REPS-36 Shunt Active Power Filter Control by Instantaneous Reactive Power Compensation 2017 Download
REPS-37 Power Factor Correction in Bridgeless-Luo Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive 2017 Download
REPS-38 Power Quality Improvement In Transmission Systems Using Facts Devices 2017 Download
REPS-39 A Simple Control Architecture for Four-Switch Buck-Boost Converter based Power Factor Correction Rectifier 2017 Download
REPS-40 BLDC Motor Drive Based on Bridgeless Landsman PFC Converter with Single Sensor and Reduced Stress on Power Devices 2017 Download