Soil Based Titles

IEEE 2017-2018 Civil titles download

Code Titles IEEE/Year Abstract
RECT-75 Comparison of Soil stabilized by copper slag & GGBS 2017 Download
RECT-76 Behavior of Clayey Soil Stabilized with Rice Husk Ash & Lime 2017 Download
RECT-77 Soil stabilization of expensive soil using copper slag 2017 Download
RECT-78 Soil stabilization using lime with jute fibre 2017 Download
RECT-79 Soil stabilization with rice husk ash with coir 2017 Download
RECT-80 Soil stabilisation using GGBS 2017 Download
RECT-81 Soil stabilization using polypropylene fibre 2017 Download
RECT-82 Soil stabilisation using coir 2017 Download
RECT-83 Effect of geotextile on CBR strength of unpaved road with soft subgrade 2017 Download
RECT-84 Soil stabilization by chemical grouting/td> 2017 Download
RECT-85 Soil stabilization with jute fibre and glass fibre 2017 Download
RECT-86 Role of additives in expansive soil to improve stabilization performance using biomass silica 2017 Download
RECT-87 light weight bricks 2017 Download
RECT-88 Recycling of bagasse ash and rice husk ash in the production of bricks 2017 Download
RECT-89 Development of bricks by waste material using textile sludge 2017 Download
RECT-90 Green Building Bricks Made with Clays and Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash 2017 Download